GDPR Data Discovery

If your business has a multitude of IT systems, it can be all too easy to misplace data you have collected over time. Not only can this be detrimental to the efficiency of your operations, but it could leave you vulnerable to data protection penalties. With GDPR compliance crucial to the future of businesses in Essex, London and beyond, being able to locate, index and classify your data is an essential part of your IT security package and the protection of your customers’ personal data.

Through Method’s effective GDPR Data Discovery service, you always have a firm grip on your data. It allows you to find and categorise data rapidly, both during audits and on an on-going basis. Start your path to exceptional ediscovery by talking to our experts today.

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Document Discovery

Valuable data, be it customers’ personal data or company sensitive information, can easily be lost in a deep IT infrastructure, especially one that incorporates the Cloud. Whether it is the result of a breach or poor document management systems, misplaced data can be costly for your business. Remember – not knowing you have data that breaches GDPR is not a sufficient defence from its penalties.

Our document discovery service allows you to compile a complete inventory of your stored data efficiently and accurately, denoting where it is located and who has access to it. Our comprehensive approach ensures business owners and managers have a clear, complete understanding of the documents they possess, and what constitutes personal data.

Beyond simply securing total compliance, GDPR data discovery gives you the chance to uncover and resolve data obscured across your networks. This means you can effectively reorganise files where required to ensure your critical data is easily locatable at all times.

Email Discovery

Email is the central form of communication in most businesses, but it also harbours a key repository of information that falls under data protection regulations. With dozens of emails likely sent to and from your premises daily, efficient ediscovery services are crucial for secure email management.

Method are here to support your email discovery requirements. Our systems dramatically reduce the complexity, cost and labour-intensiveness of this process, so all emails are archived and easily discoverable in one, centralised inventory. Through this, administrators can quickly search and produce emails for businesses’ GDPR compliance and other situations, ensuring nothing is misplaced or harmful to your operations.