IT Security Assessment

How capable are your current IT security measures? This is the question a comprehensive Security Assessment seeks to answer. Our cyber security specialists will complete a thorough IT security audit of your devices and security policies, helping identify any susceptibilities that may endanger your business from internal or external threats.

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IT Asset Discovery

Businesses are constantly diversifying their IT infrastructures to keep up with growing trends and their competitors. However, this necessity of devices, networks and cloud solutions makes it essential to identify, track and assess all your IT resources to ensure they provide adequate protection to your company’s vital information.

From corporate-owned resources to Bring Your Own Device, IT Asset Discovery compiles a comprehensive list of your assets. This complete understanding of your unique infrastructure stretches beyond your devices – as part of your IT security audit, our team also log which networks can access these resources, all software deployed, and any cloud services your business subscribes to, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Method’s cyber security specialists not only have the experience and diligence to create a full Asset Register, but the tools to ensure this is kept up-to-date as your business develops.

IT Security Vulnerability Scanning

Once IT Asset Discovery is complete, the next step is to determine any areas that are at risk of cyber security breaches. With increasingly sophisticated threats to IT security a constant struggle, Vulnerability Scanners assess all devices and associated access/entry/exit points in your network to check they meet best practice, and clearly identify any vulnerable areas.

While Method can provide Vulnerability Scanning as a one-time task, we highly recommend they are done frequently to ensure your business’s IT resources are always secure. As cyber security threats are continually evolving, regular scans help prevent downtime at best and, at worst, loss of corporate data.

IT Security Compliance Review

Does your business have to observe IT security guidelines beyond GDPR? For instance, if your company accepts, transmits or stores cardholder data, you need to demonstrate PCI compliance. We take this into account in a comprehensive IT security compliance review.

Whatever security standards your business is bound to, Method’s extensive knowledge of these means we can establish if your resources are compliant through a complete IT security audit, identify any gaps, and help you remain secure indefinitely.

IT Security Landscape

One Complete IT Security Solution

Give your business the total defence package. IT Security Landscape assembles your unique security needs in one smart package, ensuring the best data protection services available.

Discover IT Security Landscape

IT Security Landscape
IT Security Landscape - chess pieces

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