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What IT Security Landscape Covers

GDPR & Cyber Essentials

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced in the UK as of May 2018, and it is crucial your business is prepared. Established to offer individuals greater control and rights over their data online, GDPR compliance is essential to avoid potentially destabilising fines and protect your company’s reputation.

Method’s specialists have been through the GDPR process, meaning we can guide your business towards complete compliance. Our experts will guide you through these data regulations, and can even help your business receive the government-backed Cyber Essentials certification. That way, your customers know their personal data is safe in your hands.

Security Assessment

Are there any gaps in your company’s armour? As cyber security attacks rapidly evolve, it is important to understand how effective your defences are right now. As part of the IT Security Landscape, our experts will conduct a thorough security assessment, establishing a complete list of your IT assets, scan for any vulnerabilities, and provide a comprehensive review of required IT security improvements.

IT Protection

It is not just big corporations that require the latest cyber security solutions. Cyber threats are indiscriminate and increasingly sophisticated. So, no matter the size of your business, it is vital to have IT security protection that not only successfully defends your data without interruption, but adapts to the development of cyber security attacks.

From robust firewalls through to dedicated anti-virus software, all protection offered in the IT Security Landscape is fully managed and covers a wide range of devices and networks.

Proactive IT Security Monitoring

You’ve put in place the best tools to protect your business, but attackers will not be discouraged from trying to infiltrate your private data. Therefore, it is vital your IT security infrastructure can instantly respond to both internal and external threats. Method’s proactive monitoring systems ensure your business is compliant with data protection regulations, and help you immediately react to cyber security breaches.

Incident Response

When a cyber-attack is detected, it is important to have an effective counter. Incident response reacts quickly to threats, robustly defends your data, and minimises the impact on your IT systems. From comprehensive resistance to ransomware threats, to maintaining business continuity against data breaches, our approach ensures you’re ready to respond smartly and successfully.


Often, the true damage of a cyber security threat is not the attack itself, but how long it takes to recover. Disaster scenarios, be it data breaches, system damage or human error, can derail the direction of your business if not addressed. Through sophisticated recovery services, including online backup and business continuity planning, your business is prepared to overcome IT security threats and resume business as usual in short order.

Data Discovery

In expansive IT systems, including a variety of devices and the Cloud, it is all too easy for a business to misplace important data. This could not only be detrimental to your efficiency, but impede GDPR compliance and overall data protection. Through comprehensive data discovery, our team will help you locate, index and categorise your data, across both documents and emails, ensuring you always have a firm grasp on your crucial files.

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