Critical Data Recovery

In many cases, the real damage of cyber security threats to a business isn’t caused by how hard it’s hit; it’s how long it takes to recover. Whether it’s a cyber-attack, system damage or human error, your company needs to prepare for a wide range of disaster scenarios, and have critical data recovery measures to handle these efficiently and effectively.

Do you have a dependable disaster recovery plan in place? Talk to Method’s IT security experts to help keep you on your feet when disaster strikes.

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What we offer

Online Backup

Should disaster strike, an automated online backup solution helps ensure you can get back to business as soon as possible. In situations where internal or external breaches result in loss of valuable information, particularly in regards to customer data, knowing that it is backed-up in a safe, remote location is a great comfort.

The advantage of a recurring backup extends beyond critical data recovery. Storage of older files means that if data loss isn’t detected for any length of time, you can easily retrieve required information from previous versions. Whether you accidentally overwrite a document or suffer a ransomware infection, an updated backup keeps your information secure.

Method’s Cloud-based backup services work to offer data recovery in the worst-case scenarios. Whether you need to recover an accidentally deleted file, or require a complete system recovery after an IT systems breach, we help ensure your data is fully backed-up and easily retrievable, minimising any downtime.

Business Continuity Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

You expect your business to run without interruption. But, sometimes circumstances beyond your control make this impossible. When disaster strikes, a thorough business continuity plan helps ensure your company can continue to operate without serious impact to efficiency and revenue. With more and more vital processes tied to IT systems, steps for data recovery as part of these plans are essential.

Method’s cyber security specialists help keep your company moving in challenging circumstances. We take into account the unique needs of your company to establish a tailored business continuity plan that minimises the impact disasters have on your service and reputation with customers. With our support, critical data recovery is never in question.